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Cardiff City Ticket Campaign

A fresh new look and energy for the 2020/21 season

Cardiff City Ticket Campaign

Cardiff City’s season ticket campaign needed a new level of creativity to inspire the next generation of fans, and connect with loyal supporters. We delivered a brand new vision and energy to reflect the modern football club.

What we did



Motion Design

Social Media

Modern football culture

Football isn’t just about the game. It's a lifestyle, it’s music, it’s fashion. It’s a product of who we are and where we're from. We wanted to develop a campaign that looked completely new, but was anchored in the club's rich history, appealing to fans new and old.

Past & Present

The campaign had to fit with the modern landscape of football, without making older fans feel disconnected. We explored different design aesthetics, focussing on an approach that tied old and new together with typography, using combinations of serif & sans serif typefaces.

The fans voice

As part of our research phase we went to watch live matches to get a sense of the atmosphere. What stood out most was the energy and passion of the fans. From the die hard home seats to the family zone, chants rang out that became the basis of the campaign.

Inspired by Energy

We developed a bold, high impact design style that took player photography and added a boost of movement and energy. Imagery, texture, graphics and motion, combined with the typography brought the campaign to life. We delivered a huge suite of applications, including printed billboards and posters, bus wraps, social and digital screens.


We collaborated on a rollout plan with specialist marketing agency Hello Starling focussing on the digital touchpoints of the campaign. This involved targeted adverts using video and static imagery across all social channels, the Cardiff City FC Website and app.

Designed for movement

To help bring the campaign to life we developed a wide range of motion pieces. Bold, fast paced and full of energy, the motion work was designed to reflect the movement of the game.

The vision

As part of the campaign work, we delivered our wider vision for the Cardiff City FC identity which has already been rolled out into subsequent campaigns for the club.

We've loved immersing ourselves in the culture of Cardiff City FC, it gave us a great insight into the football community and how design plays its part. We look forward to helping their identity to continue to grow.

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