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A brand and website overhaul for Circle

Circle is an award-winning IT solutions provider using the latest technology and know-how to solve the IT challenges their customers face. After more than 18 years of the same brand, it no longer represented them or their future vision for the company.

What we did



Web Design


Tone of Voice


We started by getting under the skin of the company and its people. We wanted to find out who their target audiences were and what mattered to them. We also wanted to find out more about their personality and draw out the issues that they feel were holding them back.

IT or it?

‘IT’ is one of those acronyms that is hard not to read as ‘it’. Is it ‘Circle IT’, ‘Circle it’ or ‘Circle I.T.’? As a company with nearly two decades of experience under its belt, we were confident people knew what they did. Our solution to the problem was to remove the problem. Circle IT became Circle. Cleaner, simpler and stronger. It also provided a focus for the brand’s visual language.

Awash of blues and muted tones, it’s hard to separate some IT companies from another at a glance. We wanted to make sure Circle didn’t join them. We retired their long-serving purple pallet and replaced it with a vibrant red making sure that when they sat amongst their rivals, they would never get overlooked. A supporting pallet of bright colours and a liberal use of white created a colour system that would stay fresh and future-friendly.

A lockdown brand reveal

As you’re probably aware, things have been a little different in 2020. Our usual brand reveals on a big screen in a room full of people was swapped with small screens and a Zoom room full of people. We didn’t want this to ruin an important experience for Circle, so instead, we created an energetic reveal video to show off their new brand.

The power of circles

The circle shape has extensive meaning; it’s solid, it’s elegant, it’s infinite. We used its flexibility and symbolism to create a visual language that was bright, playful and broke away from the ‘IT’ clichés. We chose a more abstract approach to convey IT services and solutions. It allowed us the freedom to be less literal and more creative. We used circles to form networks, represent integrations and services, brought to life with a sprinkling of motion.

Bluegg took time to understand our goals and desired outcomes and proposed a rebrand and website that surpassed any of our expectations. I didn’t think it was possible to tell so many stories using nothing but a Circle.

Jack Addicott, Sales Manager
With the in-house capability to build on their new brand and visual language, we provided digital guidelines to ensure Circle’s identity and tone of voice stayed consistent.

A website overhaul

To accompany the rebrand, we designed and built Circle a new website from the ground up. We started by running through their existing content and helping them restructure it for a more user-friendly experience. We then took this new structure and shaped it into a design system of components that would allow them to build visually rich pages themselves.

With a system that allows multiple components—and the same components—to be used together, it was important to have the flexibility to customise them to prevent the pages and the website from looking repetitive.
We knew from the early stages of developing the visual language, motion would be a great way to bring the website to life. We didn’t want to slow down the performance of the website with streamed or embedded video content, so instead, we chose to use Lottie. Lottie is a powerful open sourced web-player that allowed us to add SVG animations to the website via a code snippet. Not only is it lightweight, but 100% scalable meaning the animations maintain their crispness no matter what device or screen size they are viewed on.

Even during unprecedented times, we managed to have some fun along the way and the whole business has been delighted with the end results. We have had lots of great feedback from new and existing customers and a positive impact on our business as a whole.

Jack Addicott, Sales Manager

Technologies used

Craft CMS

If your business is scaling new heights, but your brand says different, it may be time for an overhaul and a fresh perspective. Talk to us about how we can help.